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Charter School Information

Temecula Music Academy (TMA)

Purchase Orders or Enrichment Vouchers  are required before any lessons can commence

1.The program provided by TMA supports an independent study model and is of value specifically to students         

 homeschooling through a charter or through a private affidavit.

2.TMA provides lessons for Ukulele, Piano, Drums, Violin, Guitar, Voice, Saxophone.

3.TMA is a vendor for Julian Charter, Sage Oak, River Springs, MVA, PCA, CPA schools.

4.TMA accepts payments outside of charter school funds.

5.TMA lesson fees are $40 per student per 30 minutes. $160.00 per month for 4 weeks $200.00 per month for 5 weeks.

6.Books fees are to be paid either by the Charter school (Depending on which one) or by the student.

7.TMA does not claim field trips, curriculum subscriptions, or other benefits as our own to falsely boost up our own program.

8.TMA offers a class/tutoring session. We do not offer representation at meetings (esp SpEd), graduation, teacher conferences, or other elements that would lead a reasonable person to think that the TMA is operating a school.

9.TMA offers no sectarian content.