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Lesson Info

We offer lessons for Piano, Guitar, Drums, Singing, Violin, Ukulele, Bass guitar, Saxophone and mandolin

Here is some information on our most popular classes


Lessons for beginners we start with learning how to take care of the violin, how to tune it, and what all the parts are called. Then we go over how to hold it, proper posture (which is very important), left hand position and bow hand position. We talk about bowing and go over some basic rhythms to practice on different strings, and then start using fingers on the fingerboard to learn basic scales and simple songs. We also talk about practice and the absolute necessity of regular practice to advance with this instrument, and also how to practice most effectively. Lessons are catered to the individual needs and interests of the students, but a solid Classical foundation is a requirement. If the student already has experience playing, we focus on improving and advancing on those existing skills. I


Piano/ Keyboard  Lessons

You will learn how to play many different styles of music in a stimulating and positive environment. Elements taught are:- note reading in both treble and bass clef, scales, music theory, ear training, rhythm, musical knowledge, chords.

. Activities include  ear training, rhythmic development, note reading, playing the instrument and ensemble work.

Private Lessons are available from beginners to advanced. These can be adapted to suit each individuals needs.


Russell teaches a variety of concepts including reading, playing technique, drum set coordination, limb independence, and more and how it all applies to styles such as rock, pop, jazz, funk, Latin, and others. In Anthony’s class, students will learn that the most important part about being a good drummer is being a good listener and counter. Students will learn to train their ears by listening to, analyzing, and playing along with music.


We teach concepts ranging from basic strumming patterns, finger picking, reading ,and learning to play your favorite songs to advanced concepts in fret board theory, technique, and improvisation. Styles covered are rock/pop/classical/blues/fingers/metal/punk/jazz/world

First we learn how to tune the guitar, basic chords and rhythms and how to use them to play the songs that you like ranging from easy to play themes/standard songs to current pop songs , movie and video game themes. We will also cover reading musical notation as well as tablature. Power chords, barre chords and progressions, blues patterns, lead guitar playing and the various stylistic techniques, phrasing, circle of 5this,playing by ear, alternate tunings ,slide guitar, major, minor, pentatonic and exotic scales, modes, and their use, assorted rhythms. arpeggios and developing good practice habits.

Private classes are customized to each individual students needs, taste, and musical goals.


Breath control is a huge part of learning how to sing. Ear training and muscle memory connection improve any voice and learning how to achieve your own sound is paramount. Using warm ups and vocal exercises with instruction on what to do and what to avoid builds confidence. And learn how to have fun during a performance!

In addition to teaching basic vocals techniques like proper breathing and placement, students will learn skills to improve their performance and stage presence. Music selections by each student enhance the lesson experience with personal preferences used as a teaching tool. From beginner to advanced, everyone can learn something new to help build or refresh the voice and enjoy the process. 

What our customers are saying

Everyone is very friendly. Giti is very friendly. Naomi the piano teacher is very good. I would recommend this place.

Bobby R. Temecula